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A warranty is a manufacturer’s assurance to repair your cell phone if something goes wrong with it that isn’t your fault. Specific restrictions apply, so it’s crucial to understand your device’s warranty coverage and how long it lasts for.


General Information:

    •    Hotlinemobiles.com is not responsible for manufacturer’s warranty.

    •    Hotlinemobiles.com will not be responsible for any data loss on the device. Customers should backup their phone’s data before submitting it to the repair center.

    •    Warranty will only cover cell phone.

    •    Warranty will not cover accessories, such as battery, charger, case and etc.


Warranty is void for the following:

    •    If the product/software or any of its parts has been repaired or customized by any personnel other than the manufacturer’s authorized service staff. 

    •    If the phone has been dropped or damaged by liquid.

    •    If the phone has suffered gradual deterioration due to wear and tear, humidity, etc.